The Brains Behind the “Bieber Brand”


  1. heidi babb says:

    Sean is a brilliant man and an incredible inspiration to humanity!! Watching this video made me feel pensive, positive, hopeful and powerful knowing that I can become or achieve myself and get back to me!! After watching this I am a firm follower of Sean Stephenson. You rock Sean!! Thank you for being you! xxx

  2. Hello Sean! Thank you so much for posting this video. I could benefit from more of your talks, videos, seminars. I discovered you yesterday through Finer Minds when I needed guidance in my life. I cannot explain how important to me is to hear you spreading your truth. I am looking forward to see more videos. Peace, Marina

  3. I love the video Sean! You are amazing. i just wanted to say i was have a ruff moning today. i felt like i was guided to your video this morning and i never heard of you until today :) but i feel that i was guided to you so i can feel inspired by you and your life stories and the wonderful ward you share with others in the world. Thank you so much Sean. i hope to see more of your videos

  4. Loved this video – so many Beiber bashers out there, that it is great to hear from Scooter that he worked hard and had ups and downs. JB is from a town an hour away from me in Canada. I am proud of his acheivements and his determination to make a difference. People tend to look at successful people as ‘having it all’ – maybe they do, but they don’t see the effort and determination behind the ‘all’ it took them to get there. It disappoints me to hear successful people bashed for doing what the bashers cannot /will not do. We need to support those that do and help those that want to…bashing takes everyone down. No wonder some that ‘have it all’ feel they don’t – they don’t have the support and love it takes to either get there or stay there. Whitney Houston comes to mind – so tragic – a beautiful, talented woman who had it all and thought she was not enough… so sad.

    Thank you Sean for sharing your gift. I support you and love you.

  5. Fantastic,Very Inspiring and anything is possible.

  6. Great conversation that more people need to hear and understand. It is not what happens to you,but how you INTERPRET and RESPOND to what happens to you that makes your destiny and determines whether you will be happy or not. Success is about accepting responsibility for your reality and outcome. Sean is an awesome example of taking control through responsibility. His mother must be awesome too!

  7. Donnie Lee says:

    I came across your dance with me video on facebook and found your spirit to be amazing and perused the comments until I found someone who identified you, so I looked you up.and am watching videos you have. I am at a low point in my life, so I don’t feel like I came across you by chance. Thank you for being you and giving me some hope that life can be good. Peace, man. :)

  8. Whether you love him or hate him, if it wasn’t for Braun, Bieber wouldn’t be where he is. How well would Bieber do without this guy? It’s funny the above poster talked about bashing successful people. When you’re on top, everyone is coming after you. If you’re not ready to deal with it or you simply can’t deal with it you haven’t got a shot in hell. Sean is something else!! Against all odds he not only lived but he became successful. I am sure people tried to take him down but he took the hits and moved on. That’s something Braun may want to learn from Sean. Sean you rock!!!!!

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