RECHARGE 30 (VIDEO): How to balance work and love!

RECHARGE 30 (VIDEO): How to balance work and love!

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  1. Matt Van Wormer says:

    Hey Sean, just saw your Tedtalks bit. 1st time I’ve come in contact with you and your work. LOVE IT. Thanks so much for putting that out. Shared it with my family and there were more than a few tears to go around. Thank you!

  2. Ved Khatri says:

    Hi Sean,
    Very encouraging thoughts. A great job.
    God bless you for doing a great service for spreading good thoughts.

  3. Sean,
    Thank you so much for being around, and for getting up everyday to do what you do. I could try and tell you about how I remember your voice, so unique, so brilliant in it’s sheer emotion, like a foggy long lost dream…but that wouldn’t make any sense now would it!!

    Thank you dear friend. OPEN THE ORPHANAGE!! If I have to take action, then good golly man…YOU do too :)

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