Handling disappointment…

Handling disappointment…

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How much success you can achieve is proportionate to how much disappointment you can stomach and get back out there. Tweet It

Social media is so deceiving. If you believe that someone’s life is really what they post on their Facebook page, you should get your head checked. People don’t post their full experience of reality. Only the parts they want to feature. I’ve found that people put up one of three things:

(Highlights: I got married, I had a baby, I went to the gym)

(Lowlights: My dog died, I got into a car accident, I lost my job)

(Viral finds: Sneezing panda, Sean Stephenson Dance Party, newest medical discovery)

Most of life is not filled with “LOOK AT ME” moments. At least mine hasn’t been. Actually, my life is filled with far more, “WHOA, THAT DIDN’T GO AS PLANNED” moments. I wonder if kids today are growing up (online) with a very warped view of how life is supposed to unfold. As if everything always goes off without a hitch. But, what about the times when life isn’t filled with sunshine and rainbows? I worry that a kid would think they were cursed, and feel disappointment is an isolated experience, reserved just for them. Certainly it is not, but if disappointment isn’t ever voiced, how would they know? They wouldn’t.

So, this is my tribute to disappointment.

I’ve been handed upsets and defeat on numerous fronts in my life. Sometimes the disappointments would knock me back for days, weeks, or months at a time.

I can recall this one moment I had a HUGE business deal on the table. I worked for months to lock in the account. My proposal was approved on every level. I was going to be handed the single largest check I’d ever collected. Everything was green lit and I was dancing on easy street. Visualize me popping my collar. UNTIL…the one department in the company that could veto my dream, did just that.

The sting left by that experience hung around for months, dare I say it still makes appearances in my mind (nearly two years later).

“Yes Virginia, disappointment does exist.”

What matters is, do you lay down and quit forever, or do you eventually dust yourself off and get back out there?

Success is not a smooth journey paved with only “LOOK AT ME’s.”


It’s filled with a ton of, “OUCH’s,” “I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING’s,” and “WHAT NOW’s?”

So, what do we do when life serves us a shit sandwich?

We send it back.

We make it very clear to the Universe, humanity, and ourselves that we will prevail, even if it takes us the rest of our time on Earth.

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