Little dude, big gun…

Little dude, big gun…

Sean Gun SmileIn a recent post, I made a list of 20 things that scared me. This list included activities that were intense, life-changing, or both. One item was firing a high caliber gun. It had always scared me because I thought it would injure my arms, hands, or wrists. While I have shot smaller calibers (e.g. .22), I’d never stepped up to one with a major kick. I hate being scared so I tackled the challenge with everything I had.

Watch what happened…


  1. Way to be, hombre!!!

  2. Sean–you are amazing! I was “introduced” to you via Rolf & some other people in the Tony Robbins world & I have to say, I’m so glad to have learned about you! Sharing your book with my nieces & nephews & whomever else will listen :) Thanks for being you!

  3. Christopher Camargo says:

    Sean thats f***ing Awesome!!! Now fire a bazooka now!!!

  4. This is me a few years ago at a range (I have OI Type3) , i’ve shot several different caliber weapons, largest was a .45, which I will not fire again, but I did it once. No broken anything.

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