NEW COOKING SHOW: Check out Sean as the 3 Foot Chef.

NEW COOKING SHOW: Check out Sean as the 3 Foot Chef.

3 Foot Chef is the result of Sean Stephenson’s realization that he wanted to pursue more physical independence. With the help of Mindie and his friends, Sean was able to build a fully accessible kitchen to begin to learn how to cook on his own.

After a several failed culinary attempts, Sean did what he does best… laugh. This laughter led him to create his own cooking show. On this show, he will be learning how to cook (real-time). The show will document his struggles and lessons.

Special guests on the show will include celebrity chefs, health experts, entertainers, and some of Sean’s closest friends.

To watch full episode, go to:

LOVE LIFE with Mindie and Sean

LOVE LIFE with Mindie and Sean

Five years ago, Mindie and I put together a webinar series called The SoulMatch Solution which focused on how to attract a romantic partner and also strengthen the bonds of an existing relationship.  If you’ve been following our careers that long, maybe you were on those calls with us.   :)

It was a sold-out success and we got a ton of great feedback.

Since then, we’ve gotten married and learned a LOT about creating a truly extraordinary relationship.  We’ve had our fair share of challenges and grown though those experiences, always coming out stronger on the other side.

To celebrate our 3rd anniversary this Monday, we decided to revisit the “soulmatch” idea and put together a new program on relationships.

LOVE LIFE will be a 2-hour program where Mindie and I bring the BEST of everything we’ve learned about relationships.

The first hour will be focused on finding and attracting a partner; the second hour will be focused on strengthening the relationship once you have it established.

Both will include a Q&A portion.

You can come for one or both segments, and the program will be recorded so you can access it again in the future.

What:  LOVE LIFE with Mindie and Sean

Where:  Online — available anywhere you have internet connection

When:  Monday, September 14, 2015 at 5:00pm PT / 8:00pm ET


Here we are on our wedding day, September 14, 2012.
Here we are on our wedding day, September 14, 2012

The program will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live, we’ll send you a copy.

It’s $97 and we have 100 spots on the webinar.

If you’re interested, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

We’re offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don’t love it.

See you on the program,


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PICTURE THIS…You and me in Sedona!

Throughout my career as a professional speaker, the most popular question I get is…

“How do I find my life purpose?”

My answer is always, “Follow your heart.”

I know, I know… Sounds too simple, right?

So HOW do we get out of our head?

Heart Intelligence.

In other words…

Your heart is the blueprint to your highest wisdom. Once you can connect with it, your life begins to rock.

I want you living your life purpose and that’s why you should join me in beautiful red rock paradise: Sedona, Arizona (quite possibly my favorite, most sacred place on Earth).

“What’s this event all about, Sean?”


My amazing wife, Mindie Kniss, has been researching heart intelligence for years and teaches people how to access their intuition and purpose, through the heart. She’s gathered her findings into a powerful live event (limited seating) called HeartPath. In this event, she guides her students through a process of opening to the power of their hearts and REALLY getting clear about their purpose on this planet.

Here’s why you need to be there…

I’ll be presenting one of the eveings. I’m also a student in the course each year and I always get new, powerful insights. We’ll get to hang out in one of the most glorious locations in the world. I’ll take you through a hypnotic process of releasing the weight of your guilt and surrender to the power of your intuition.

Once you’re free of guilt and can hear your higher self, you’ll gain entrance into better sex, more money, and effortless health and wellness.

“That’s woo woo BULLSHIT, Sean!”

I dare you to come and see for yourself.

Here are 4 MORE reasons to attend…

1. You’ll get to hike in the breathtaking wilderness with Mindie as she leads you through the vortex-laden canyons.

2) Mindie is by far one of the best coaches on the planet.

“Sean, you’re only saying that for marital brownie points.”

Maybe. :)

But seriously, Mindie is incredibly intuitive and every client of hers that I’ve met raves about her work.

3) The group that will be gathered is reason enough to attend. People have traveled from all around the globe to be at HeartPath (Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand). The networking and friendships formed at this super warm and incredibly fun weekend could easily last a lifetime.

4) This is a total immersion experience where you will finally get to quiet your mind and relax into yourself. That’s why this event is limited to just 20 people.

As of today, there are just 6 spots left.

And get this… When you sign up, you can bring a friend for 50% off!

So call up your BFF and start planning your bonding trip.  :)

“How do I know it’s really worth the money, Sean?”

Just listen to some of the testimonials from previous attendees…

You’ll find those, plus all the other details here:  HeartPath retreats

See you there,


PS: Make sure and reserve your spot soon; I rarely present at events that are open to the public and this is how we can.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Cure your fear of public speaking…

This is a short clip from my last speaker training “$10K Speeches.” In this video I work with a woman who is absolutely terrified of public speaking. Watch closely as the audience and I help her release that fear as if it were never there at all. And no, it’s not some NLP or Hypnosis “mind-trick.”

For details on our June event, go to: CLICK HERE